About us


Flower Studio Parterre opened in 1992 at Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture as a unique style flower shop ull of humanity and support from many customers.

Our flower designs are created from the perspective of kind and polite customer service and multifaceted learning received from the support of many customers. Currently we have two branches in Iwate Prefecture; one in Kitakami City and another in Oshu City. We will also soon be launching online on the e-commerce website ‘Eflora’.

Every day, we receive orders from a wide range of fields, such as selling at stores, company receptions, funeral flowers, and wedding flowers. In September 2020, we opened our own online shop so that we can be closer to customers and deliver flowers catered just for the recipients.

Creative flower delivery

Our shop flexibly incorporates best-selling flower design to create designs unique to Flower Studio Parterre. With solid technology and sophisticated sense, all staff members have their own principles. We hope that by delivering original flowers that reflect the feelings of the recipient, the number of scenes full of smiles and excitement will increase.


To be a store where you can trust with confidence.


At Flower Studio Parterre, we take it seriously that each customer’s sensibility is different, and accept various requests regarding for flower arrangements. While we cannot serve customers face-to-face at the online shop, we will respond promptly and politely to our customers.
* Cashless payment is also available at our stores!

Online shopping mall Top class in the number of orders received nationwide

ネットショッピングモール 全国受注件数トップクラス

Flower Studio Parterre has become the top class among all member stores in the number of orders received nationwide in Eflora in the first year of Reiwa!
We receive many orders from all over the country every day.
> * In the hometown tax refund business, we have received a number of donations that are among the top three in the flower category.

Eflora is a flower shopping mall consisting of 1,200 member stores nationwide.
This is a system in which each member store sells original products and orders products that customers like. With more than 10,000 products, our shop has received top-class orders as a flower shop of choice for customers nationwide.

Company Profile

[Company name] Parterre Co., Ltd.
[Amount of stated capital] 3 million yen
[Kitakami City Main Store] Flower Studio Parterre
1-1-5 Tsutsumigaoka, Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture
TEL 0197-65-4422
FAX 0197-65-4423
[Oshu City Esashi Store] Fleur Marche
7-2 Esashiku Nishiodori, Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture
Inside the Super San Ei store
TEL 0197-35-1753
FAX 0197-35-1753

Business Hours

 [Kitakami City Main Store] ・Monday-Saturday: 09: 00-18: 30 Sundays and holidays: 09: 00-17: 30
・Regular holiday: January 1st to 3rd only
[Oshu City Esashi Store] ・Every day 09: 00-19: 00
・Open all year round